2009 m. vasario 24 d., antradienis

Who is it for?

Onomatopoeia Twitter status updater is designed for content publishers. If you have to update several microblogs, this tool is right for you.

View demo.

2009 m. vasario 18 d., trečiadienis

Demo video

No sound. Just try to imagine what is happening. I should have used extra space in demo message for cleaarance.

This software (Onomatopoeia) is just a demo case for bitly bridge SOAP client.

On the other hand it was designed for spammers (jokingly).

2009 m. vasario 16 d., pirmadienis


Download Onomatopoeia 0.3.3 (beta)

Huge file (3.4 Mb), since heavy RPC library used. Needed quick solution.

2009 m. vasario 15 d., sekmadienis

Command line usage

You may use Onomatopoeia in your shell scripts. URLs will be shortened automatically.
java -jar onomatopoeia.jar twitteruser:twitterpassword "new message with any number of http://www.very_long_urls.com/ and as many of http://bit.ly/short.cpp links as needed."

Onomatopoeia 0.3 (beta) released

Onomatopoeia Twitter client has built-in URL shortener. It has GUI and may be used as a command line tool too.